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Travels, sport, and hobbies

I enjoy going on business trips because it is an excellent opportunity to explore the world and meet new people. When those travels are not associated with business, it's even more pleasurable.

Most of my travels are still on business, though. And to make them more comfortable and less stressed, I love to meet local people, get to know them better, and talk about life. No matter where you are and who you are, we all are human with the same struggles and the same pains.

I am very apolitical, which means that I stay away from politics. I am a woman who wants to make lives better by being loyal, honest, open, and positive. Big political boys will keep playing, It's their game, and I hate wasting time to discuss what they do. In no way can we, regular folks, really change anything except push out any feud, lies, and propaganda that comes out of their mouths from our minds. Let's stay open to the world and enjoy culture, history, and our families!

I am a passionate scuba diver. My entire family, except for the youngest Alexander, enjoy diving. Diving gives me peace of mind and integrity. That is my very personal time when I concentrate on my feelings and emotions. Besides, fish do not talk. I love it.

I am only learning how to ski. I wish I could do it more regularly to feel as secure as I feel underwater. So far my fear of breaking a limb has been greater than my desire to properly learn how to ski. Haha.

One of my passions is pole dancing. Well, do not get me wrong. Every time I say pole dancing, people think of strip clubs and gogo girls. What people do not even imagine is the amount of physical work, strength, and pain. Oh, those colorful bruises. I get them everywhere. On my knees, legs, arms, shoulders, back. No part of the body unmarked. But it is the overwhelming feeling of victory when I accomplish a specific acrobatic move or when I can dance clearly without any mistakes or without forgetting the steps. Those things drive me up. They give me energy.

I enjoy listening to techno and other electronic music. One of my favorite experiences was Tomorrowland 2019. It truly blew my mind! Power, emotions, excitement. Not even describable!
I continuously work on making myself Better. Smarter. Stronger.

I am a Certified Interpreter/Linguist (Hons). I graduated from Saint Petersburg Insitute of Economic Relations, Economics, and Law. (1998) I work with English-Russian | Russian-English.

I am an Incoming Tourism professional and Intercultural Relations specialist since 2003.

I am a certified Intercultural Etiquette and Protocol Specialist & Trainer. (2019, 2020)

I have always been conscious about people and their behavior. I have been curious about how to do things right, what is acceptable and what is not. It all started as a pure whim to learn more about social etiquette many years ago. As my studies progressed, I realized that, unfortunately, our society has long forgotten the rules of etiquette, and they need to be revived.

Currently studying to become a CFI Certified Business Coach.

Working on my graduation project in Style, Branding, and Imagemaking.


I am an active member of SKAL International.

Founded in 1934, Skål International is the only professional organization promoting global Tourism and friendship, embracing all sectors of the Tourism industry

Its more than 15053 members, entailing of industry's Managers and Executives, meet at Local, National, Regional, and International levels to do business among friends throughout more than 365 Skål Clubs along 101 countries.

Member of the following professional Associations: American Society of Travel Advisors, Cruise Line International Association, CCRA Travel Commerce Network.

Originally this was posted in May 2011 (Updated continuously. Last update in 2019)

I was born in Saint-Petersburg on November 27, 1981, to a family of a pediatrician and a sailor. My parents are the most remarkable people I can think of and thanks to them I am who I am. My father taught me how to be strong and willful to be able to reach whatever goals I had and will have in my life, while my mother taught me how to be a woman, loving and caring, sweet, and almost perfect in everything. We still live together and now thanks to their support and help I can do my favorite work.

I graduated from high school in 1998 and went to study at Saint-Petersburg University of International Relations, Economics, and Law. I chose the faculty of Linguistics because I felt a special attachment to languages, although my parents tried to persuade me that being a lawyer or an economist presented far more options in life than being just an interpreter. Anyways, I'm very happy about my choice now. I majored in English, and my minors were German and Spanish. Finally, in 2003 I got an honors degree in Linguistics! Hurray!

During my last year at the Uni, one of my professors mentioned that she worked as a tour guide during the high season and I thought to myself…Why Not? So, I got enlisted into one of the leading guiding schools, called Gid-Intour.

The education was quite costly and my parents covered most of it, but when it came to obtaining guiding permissions at various museums they couldn't afford it anymore, and to help me get what I needed my boyfriend Vadim sacrificed his own studies and went to work. Thanks to him I was able to finish my studies and I got my Guide's Certificate just a month before the University degree.

2003 was the beginning of ULKOtours (and besides, St.Petersburg celebrated its 300th anniversary!) and I met a lot of interesting people during those summer months. I still keep in touch with most of them.
July 14, 2004, was one of the happiest days of my life!
Vadim and I got married in the most beautiful Wedding Palace of Saint-Petersburg and had a church wedding in the loveliest church of the suburbs – Peter and Paul Cathedral in Peterhof. (see photo) This was a long and tiring day for both of us but I will never regret doing what I did that day.

July 15, 2014. (Photo on the right) The day after the wedding. I do not have many pictures left. Most of them were destroyed by the fire. Those that still remain at my disposal are the ones saved by social media.
Our daughter Diana was born on April 8!
2005 was another year that I will always cherish memories of.

Our daughter Diana was born on April 8! A little earlier than we had planned, but she was a healthy child so there were no worries about that.

By the end of May, I could no longer resist my temptations and got back to work. Of course, I couldn't have as many clients as I would have had before but well, Don't we have to sacrifice some things?
2006 passed by as quickly as any year while I was getting more and more experience and falling deeply in love with my beautiful city.

Late in 2006, I started planning the most exciting event of 2007 – I decided to travel to the States sometime in fall: I had never been there before and had always wanted to go to the US but being unmarried left little chances of getting an American Visa. So, 2007 was perfect timing. Thanks to all of my previous clients who have become my true friends I was able to put together a challenging itinerary and then implement it into real life!

On September 13, 2007, my husband Vadim and I flew out of Saint-Petersburg and headed to New York via Helsinki, Finland. During 25 days we visited New York, Philly, Baltimore, Washington DC, Florida (Tampa and Saint-Petersburg(!) area), Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas. There we rented a car and had it for a week exploring the beauty of Grand Canyon(see photo), red rocks of Sedona, Santa Fe, and the Annual Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque! I guess I could write a book about our travels and about how impressed I was with the natural beauty of the country…:)

Upon our return back to Saint-Petersburg in mid-October, we got a bank loan to be able to buy a condo (to finally get our own place to live) and since then Vadim and I have been working really hard to pay it back. I don't think I will get a chance to travel anywhere else till we are all set with the bank, so I'm awfully glad I had gone to the US and made one of my dreams come true.

2008 flew by as quickly as any other year did BUT with some really delightful events:) We finally bought a large SUV (as I live in the suburbs it's really necessary) and in May 2008 I realized that we were going to have a new family member in 2009.
January 26, 2009, made us all very excited about the arrival of the new baby!
My son Vladislav entered this world as a healthy screaming baby. Now, I'm a happy mom of two very noisy little creatures that sometimes drive everyone crazy but at the same time make all us so happy!

I was able to resume guiding in May and had another exciting season meeting lots of people from all over the world. In September 2009 we got another car for me – to be able to drive the kids to school and to do some independent shopping – you know how most men hate it! For some it's easier to get a new car:)))
2010 started as a regular year, me being busy with the kids and answering customer inquiries, and arranging tours for the new season.

In May 2010 my husband was finally able to get a break from work and we flew to Dubai, UAE for a lovely 2-week vacation leaving the youngest member of our family at home with my parents. Dubai was truly hot, I had never experienced such hot weather before, but this was quite an experience and I will never hesitate if I get a chance to return there again! I fell in love with the place!

Once the 2010 cruise season was over, I decided to pamper myself and my family and we flew across the ocean to Florida and settled down in St.Petersburg, where UlkoTours has a branch. From September 23 till December 7, 2010, my husband was attending ESL courses, Diana was going to Pre-K so that she wouldn't get completely bored, while I and Vladislav were answering customer inquiries, enjoying the beach, walking, shopping, cooking and just having fun.

2011 became the year of full flourish for UlkoTours because we have reached a new very high level running up to 20 tour groups a day. I had to get 3 additional managers to handle inquiries as well as managers of operations to make sure all the tours were running smoothly and were impeccably organized.

Now, during the peak season, I'm doing office work non-stop without any days off because I want to personally make sure that everything is perfect, I'm a perfectionist, didn't you know?

But again, during the colder months, October through March my family will be residing in St.Petersburg, FL again. This time I will be busy with work while my husband will be taking care of the kids! Please don't hesitate to contact me with your questions and I will be happy to help you organize your tours around Saint-Petersburg, Russia!:)

Of course in this Story of my Life, I have covered only the most important events, and there's much more to tell about myself than just facts and places. But I won't do that, let's leave it till we meet in person…
Posted on April 18, 2017 – I haven't really written any updates on my life since 2011, so it's hard to put back together all the events that took place in my life since then. But I will try My husband says I live in my office and he desperately wants me to be a mother for our children, but when I get carried away with development projects and further business goals it's just so hard to stop. We even had Metallica on tour!
Diana and Vlad with their awesome nanny (au-pair) from Sacramanto, California Alejandra Yaya. We miss you, Yaya!
Anyways, looking back at 2012, after we had lived in St. Petersburg, Florida for a second term (from November 2011 until March 2012) and knew we would be coming back to Russia for an indefinite time (at least we thought so back then), we had decided to hire an au pair, a young girl from Sacramento, CA. She came in to live with us in August 2012 to play with kids and to speak English with them.

My main goal was to keep the language alive for Diana and Vladislav. Kids had fun, mom was at work:) Ulkotours was growing and 2012 was a bomb!
We went to celebrate the New Year of 2012/2013 to Singapore and took a cruise to Malaysia, which we had enjoyed greatly!

Upon our return from the trip, the following day my beloved grandfather had left us for the better worlds and I still break out in tears whenever I think of him. He was the man who taught this little girl to use a hammer, a saw and not be afraid to fight with boys!
In March and April 2013 I had extensively traveled around the US and Australia and participated in various B2C and B2B Travel Trade Shows, one of the most important being Cruise Shipping Miami.
August 7, 2013, was one of the toughest moments in my life, and in the lives of all people who had been living together under the same roof. On the sunny afternoon of that day our house burnt down almost to the ground. 18 people had lost the roof above their heads. We had no place to go. The house was all we had. It contained our clothes, our personal items, our savings, our documents, our everything.

But what still pains me most – our memories were destroyed by that fire. Hundreds of photos, printed and saved on CDs, videos of kids and us, those little things that we cherish so much.

The good news was that at least we all stayed alive! You might be wondering about the 18 people I had mentioned:) Well, here comes the list: My parents (2), my husband and I (2), my to kids (2), my sister and her husband and their daughter (3), my brother and his wife (2), my grandmother (1), my uncle and his wife (2), their two daughters (2), husband and son of one of them (2). The house was a duplex, originally built for the families of my mother and her younger brother.
Kids at Marina Wilson's house in Pavlovsk. Marina kindly let us live in her house for some time before we left the country.
Thanks to the assistance of local authorities, we all were able to get new IDs very quickly (in Russia it can be a real pain in the butt). However, that fire had changed our plans greatly. At that time I and my husband I were really looking forward to finally buying some land and building a house (since we never moved to that condo we bought in St Petersburg because it was way too small). The contract was on the way and we were supposed to sign it any day. Then we were informed that one of the sellers (there were two of them) had walked out of the contract last minute. Surprisingly, we were not upset. We still had no place to live while waiting for the new house to be built, like nomads we were staying with friends, renting small places here and there, while kids were staying with my in-laws and had to start school year living separated from their parents.
pro photosession
Meantime, ULKOtours did our first professional photoshoot!
October 2013 brought the answer.
My husband was granted a 3-year work visa in the USA and we packed whatever things we had purchased after the fire into one suitcase and left Russia. Kids and us.

Off to the USA! I am grateful to all of my friends who had supported me and my family during those difficult days of uncertainty. Special thanks go out to Marina Wilson, who kindly let us live in her house until we could leave Russia.
View from our balcony.
Once in the US, we had once again settled in the area which was very familiar to us – St. Petersburg, FL.

Friends, the sun and the Gulf of Mexico healed our broken hearts and we started coming back together as a whole. Kids started attending their school, that openheartedly welcomed them in, while I was busy with ULKOtours again.

All of 2014 we had spent in St. Pete and had only visited the other Saint Petersburg for a short period in the summer (I had to be in our main office for a while).
Another baby
In May 2014 we discovered that there was another ULKO baby on the way, and in December 2014 our Christmas baby Alexander was born at Babyplace, St. Pete, FL. We became a family of 5 and were super excited about it.

The growth of ULKOtours in Russia acted as an anchor for us and in June 2015 we had decided to return to Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Selling our beautiful white SUV in Florida was the hardest part for me, as I love white things and coming back to the gloomy land meant that we would have to buy something black. We packed all our belongings into 13 HUGE suitcases and 5 carry-ons, shipped 8 boxes of toys and home stuff and finally arrived back to our homeland. Tanned, happy and willing to make something new.
Since 2015 I had been busy at work like never before. 18 hour days, 7 day weeks. It was tough but it was worth it.

On the right - Alexander's First Birthday photoshoot. December 2015

2016 brought an expected growth boost for the company which meant even more work, but with the excellent team that I have, I was able to spend more time with my three kids. No traveling, though, as we had a great goal set.

With the start of 2017, I can proudly say that Part 1 has been successfully accomplished and now we are working on Part 2. I will be more than happy to share in person

April 2017 has also brought the launch of our new website, which we have been working on since August 2016! Check it out and let me know what you think!
The summer of 2017 has been hard.
Like really hard. So much going on in my family. It's so difficult to properly distribute time between being a mother, a daughter, a boss, and a wife. Each one deserves to be #1 and yet there're only 24 hours in a day. How did I manage to keep my sanity? I don't know. But so far everyone is happy!

Now, in the middle of 2018, I am back to the same squirrel track – over and over again. I feel overwhelmed, yet exceptionally proud of my achievements. I overwork. I sometimes overdo things. I get emotional. I get really tired, but this is what makes me an Ulko. I'm A fighter!

Working on 3 really grand projects at the same time. One personal and two work projects. Keeping fingers crossed!
Posted on March 30, 2019 – Our business projects are like our babies, our sweet kids. They demand attention and time. And like any passionate mother, I am the one who gives a lot of love and my personal self into my business-kids. I love to see them grow, gain strength, call the attention of others and become trendy. I am truly proud.

I am not yet really ready to announce who all of them are. As an old saying goes, Happiness likes quietness.

However, one of them I am ready to share.

In 2019 we are launching our new CRM. Not just any CRM. An unbelievably smart individual who will become our office assistant. Custom-made from scratch, all developed by myself and our excellent partner IT company. When I started thinking about what features I would ideally want our new office system to have, and when I started writing them down, at first I couldn't believe it could be accomplished. But after much research, countless sleepless nights and brainstorms, we got it all on paper! Yay! And right now it has almost been born. Still a baby in a womb, but one that is kicking hard and showing power. I love it already so much! 2 years of intensive work. The new CRM will substantially simplify all customer request handling, document processing, tour management..and oh, so much more. Interested in learning more? Come and work for us. Hiring more professionals. Passionate and loyal.

In August 2018 Ulkotours had Bryan Cranston on tour from the Breaking Bad series, and I even got to meet home together with my daughter Diana.
Posted on February 7, 2020July 14, 2019, was one of the greatest events I had planned for myself – Our 15th Wedding Anniversary. I share my personal happiness with you.

To see our Wedding Anniversary Video click here.

Love, Elena