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On hiring people

It’s been a month or so that we have been searching for the right team member to join us. I had never thought it would prove to be such a challenge.

Now I know I have been truly lucky to bring together those people who are with me now. It was easy. It was quick. And somehow we knew right away it was the right match for us. My team is exceptional and I am proud of it. So I thought getting a new member to join us wouldn’t be a problem. However, life put it differently.

I have been brought up to be honest, to speak what’s on my mind and to do what I mean. Somehow I still expect others to be the same. But obviously everyone cannot be the same, otherwise all of us would have had the same success? Anyways, I am still learning…better to say, I am learning to get disappointed in people.

I was taught to see the best in people. To trust them. To treat everyone the way I want to be treated. To give everyone a chance. And these days I feel like a child whose illusions are being ruined by cruel reality.

People are not the same. Some are stupid. Some cheat. Some don’t keep their words.

We are getting dozens of applications daily. I was excited at first. But then it dawned at me.

Most don’t even read the job description and and apply without having any qualifications at all.

Others read, but when they come for an interview they realise they hadn’t understood what they had read.

Some send a support letter along with their CV and sound excited and interested (as if they had read AND understood the offer), yet when we invite them immediately they don’t even bother to respond amd simply disappear.

A lot of people do overestimate their qualifications. Their ‘fluent’ language makes my brains boil when I listen to them, and reading what they had written proves to be a real challenge per se.

And finally, some people seem suitable, pass all the tests. And we are ready to make them a job offer. And then, they just disappear. Don’t even bother to decline or give a call or anything. Just disappear.

I was brought up to look at myself first, then blame others. So immediately the first thing that comes to my mind is What’s wrong with us? Are we putting people away? Are we so scary? Are we asking too much? And then, after having discussed it all with my team over and over again, I see that I am blessed to have such dedicated, honest and beautiful people working with me. Those who are not such are being led away from us by the greater powers.

Will keep searching…

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