Travels, sport and hobbies

I enjoy going on business trips because it is an excellent opportunity to explore the world and meet new people. When those travels are not associated with business, it’s even more pleasurable.

Most of my travels are still on business, though. And to make them more comfortable and less stressful, I love to meet local people, get to know them better, and talk about life. No matter where you are and who you are, we all are human with the same struggles and the same pains.

I am very apolitical, which means that I stay away from politics. I am a woman who wants to make lives better by being loyal, honest, open, and positive. Big political boys will keep playing, It’s their game, and I hate wasting time to discuss what they do. In no way can we, regular folks, really change anything except push out any feud, lies, and propaganda that comes out of their mouths from our minds. Let’s stay open to the world and enjoy culture, history, and our families!

I am a passionate scuba diver. My entire family, except for the youngest Alexander, enjoy diving. Diving gives me peace of mind and integrity. That is my very personal time when I concentrate on my feelings and emotions. Besides, fish do not talk. I love it.

I am only learning how to ski. I wish I could do it more regularly to feel as secure as I feel underwater. So far my fear of breaking a limb has been greater than my desire to properly learn how to ski. Ha ha.

One of my passions is pole dancing. Well, do not get me wrong. Every time I say pole dancing, people think of strip clubs and gogo girls. What people do not even imagine is the amount of physical work, strength, and pain. Oh, those colorful bruises. I get them everywhere. On my knees, legs, arms, shoulders, back. No part of the body unmarked. But it is the overwhelming feeling of victory when I accomplish a specific acrobatic move or when I can dance clearly without any mistakes or without forgetting the steps. Those things drive me up. They give me energy.

I enjoy listening to tencho and other electronic music. One of my favourite experiences was Tomorrowland 2019. It truly blew my mind! Power, emotions, excitement. Not even possible to describe.

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